A Profitable Micro-Cap With Only  6,533,891 Shares Outstanding Continues To Fly Under The Radar
Outstanding Shares 7,104,285 Restricted 1,155,577 Unrestricted 5,948,708 Held at DTC / Float 5,680,205
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 Meeting The Demands Of An Aging Population With Functional Beverages
“ Rarely are the words Micro-cap and profitable used in the same sentence. We have found such a company, and it is helping to address one of the largest health issues facing the world today; Diabetes. Distribution contracts with two of the world's largest retailers, Wal- Mart and Amazon, could mean the company is primed for continuing solid growth in 2019 and beyond. The company has recently become profitable, due to YoY revenue increases of 117% and 154% in just the last two quarters. The balance sheet has shown continuing improvement as operating expenses have decreased and liabilities have been reduced. Net Assets were up 138%”
“This impressive growth potential of functional tea beverages is no surprise to early investors in two functional tea beverage start-ups acquired recently for huge multiples of their revenues.“ “ CEO Murray Fleming of Glucose Health, Inc. (Ticker: GLUC), which manufacturers a functional tea beverage sold nationally in the “Diabetic Supplies” aisle at Walmart, and which is the number one seller in its category on Amazon, cites numbers from the National Diabetes Statistics Report (“NDSR”) published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The NDSR concludes that 100 million Americans – one in three - are diabetic or pre-diabetic “
Glucose Health, Inc. is the manufacturer of GlucoDown nutritional beverage supplements. GlucoDown Iced Tea, Cappuccino and Horchata (traditional drink of Mexico) mixes are enriched with macronutrients and micronutrients which clinical data indicates, may help maintain healthy blood sugar, triglyceride and cholesterol levels, plus regular digestive health. GlucoDown products are available in-store at Walmart pharmacies nationwide, Walmart.com and Amazon.
The Product
Make the commitment to a better future by living healthier today with GlucoDown®. A daily commitment to even a modestly more active lifestyle, better nutrition and normal body weight and composition, is key to maintaining healthy blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol and regular digestive health. The special soluble fiber in the GlucoDown® formula may help slow your body's absorption of dietary sugars; moderate after-meal increases in glucose levels and maintain regular digestive health. The GlucoDown® formula also includes vitamins, minerals and the plant extract Banaba Leaf.
The GLUC Report : Market insight into Glucose Health Inc.  (OTC: GLUC)
New Retail Products In Development
Glucose Health, Inc. has new beverages in development for the diabetic consumer market including coffee!